Featured video: Excerpts from stump speech at Goodhue County Republican Governor Candidates Forum, January 8, 2018, Cannon Falls High School

News Release (.pdf)

Download 1-23-2018 News Release: MN GOP Candidate-Journalist puts edited stump speech on youtube -- focus is on GOP history and heritage of the Republican Party; role of a Governor; the need for President Trump to resign or be impeached

Download 9-6-2017 News Release: MN GOP Candidate-Journalist completes ten days & 35 hours campaigning for Governor at GOP state fair booth; reports on feedback for advocating President Trump resign or be impeached; brands two GOP Governor candidates as extreme right

Contact: votetbobagain@gmail.com


Our Republican heritage requires the impeachment or resignation of President Trump. Click Here for a lightly edited transcript of bobagain's stump speech (the Featured Video above.)